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Suzhou Hayxan Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou City, China. It is an enterprise engaged in the research and development and production of special fiber agent, personal protection, industrial use and bio-polysaccharide products. It is the exclusive general distributor of Aramid 1313 products of Korean Xiongjin Group in China. The company's business scope mainly includes three aspects: 1) flame retardant fiber agent 2) research, development, production and sales of human body protection products, such as fire fighting clothes, police training clothes, flying clothes, furnace overalls, chemical protective clothes, arc clothes, welding clothes, bullet proof gloves, cut-proof clothes, explosion-proof clothes, non-metallic cable, sports rope, disposable protective isolation clothes, etc. Water-repellent, dust-proof and sweat-proof isolation clothing, aramid ballistic-proof cloth, high-strength and high-density polyethylene ballistic-proof material, electromagnetic radiation-proof cloth (clothing) and other products. 3) Industrial products, such as bullet-wave lead, automotive rubber hose base cloth and so on.
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  • With the development of economy and society, the quantity and quality of fire have changed. A fire has destroyed dozens of lives, hundreds of thousands, millions and even tens of millions of dollars in property losses. In particular, malignant fire accidents of special types of work are still serious. More than 10 people died or died or seriously injured more than 20 people in one fire, and more than 10 fires occur every year in the whole country. Therefore, to strengthen the labor protection of workers of special types of work, we should start with the design, development and performance evaluation of protective clothing. Recently, the project of "Research and Development and Performance Evaluation of Multifunctional Design of Protective Clothing" completed by Donghua University and Shenzhen Youputai Garment Technology Co., Ltd. won the second prize of "Textile Light" Science and Technology in 2013. The project has carried out the research and development of multifunctional design and performance evaluation of protective clothing. The developed protective clothing has many functions, such as fireproof and heat insulation, waterproof and ventilation, anti-virus and anti-bacterial. It is suitable for individual protection needs of emergency rescue such as disaster emergency scene. Integrated protection against multiple hazards It is understood that the general protective clothing is the use of intrinsic flame retardant fiber processing of flame retardant protective clothing. Essential flame retardant fibers, such as meta-aramid fibers, possess natural flame retardancy because of their special chemical structure. They are difficult to burn in the air. They extinguish themselves immediately after the fire source is removed, and the burning part carbonizes rapidly to form an insulating protective layer without melting, dropping or piercing, which can effectively reduce or avoid burns and scalds. This protective clothing has a single protective function and comfortableness. And poor functionality. According to Li Jun, the project leader of the Department of Fashion Design and Engineering of Donghua University, the theoretical model of the functional design of protective clothing was first put forward in the project of "Research and Development of Multifunctional Design and Performance Evaluation of Protective Clothing", and the protective modes such as "layered insulation, multiple protection, function aggregation" were established to achieve the goal of integrated protection of multiple hazards. Thermal protection TPP and total heat dissipation THL are used for the comprehensive design of fabric system performance. At the same time, two-step optimization technology was developed to construct a composite fabric system consisting of an outer waterproof and breathable layer, an insulating layer and a comfortable layer; a fire-retardant and flame-retardant outer layer and an insulating layer were developed by using aramid sulfone fiber; a "three in one" technology was developed to develop a waterproof and breathable, anti-toxic and anti-bacterial selective permeable fabric with a "sandwich" structure; and a four-dimensional dynamic structure design method was proposed to carry out the design of the fabric. Innovative design of protective clothing for adaptability of operation activities. "Fire Man" Helps to Improve the System According to Li Jun, at the level of evaluating the overall protective performance of fabrics and clothing, the project has developed a characterization technology for comprehensive evaluation of the physical and chemical properties and comfortable ergonomic performance of protective fabric system, and explored and established a systematic and scientific system and method for evaluating the overall performance of protective clothing from fabric performance to clothing performance. Through the development of thermal protection performance testing device to simulate the tensile deformation of micro-space fabrics under clothing, this project reveals the evolution law of the comprehensive performance of multi-layer fabric system, and develops a device for evaluating the protective performance of high temperature liquid scald fabrics, and achieves the theoretical research results of high temperature liquid penetration protection of fabrics and their garments as a whole. At the same time, Donghua Fireman, an advanced thermal protection performance evaluation system for burning dummy clothing in fire field, is used as the substitute of biological human body to quantitatively predict the burned parts and extent of human skin in simulated fire field, and to objectively evaluate the overall thermal protection performance of protective clothing, fire protective clothing, thermal protective work clothing and other clothing. It is understood that "Donghua Fireman" is the first burning dummy in China. In the high-risk environment of the fire site, excellent protective equipment can effectively reduce the damage to firefighters and escapees. Fabric combustion experiments are usually used in previous tests, but this experiment can not reflect the actual effect of its effect on human body, and it is easy to cause insufficient protection in use. The effect of protective clothing can be better understood by simulating fire environment with burning dummy. Donghua Fireman Laboratory is the first burning Laboratory of human body protection equipment in the world. At the same time, the dummy fully simulates the Chinese body structure, can accurately perceive heat flow under different moving postures, and accurately report the degree of skin burns. In addition, its joints can be adjusted to simulate the human activities of firefighters. This will help researchers to further improve the parts of clothing that are easy to pull and the parts that easily lead to fabric voids in rescue activities according to the physical characteristics of Chinese people. The research team of the laboratory will then analyze the data of the dummy after burning. Hu Zuming, director of the Institute of Chemical Fiber Research, Donghua University, which develops protective clothing fabrics, said that the research and development of fabrics and combustion tests are just like "using the spear of the other to attack the shield of the other". Through the gradual upgrade of combustion testing, researchers will design more scientific and reasonable thermal protection equipment to effectively curb the thermal damage caused by fire, battlefield and thermal radiation. The fastest way to apply production, teaching and research "Our project team adopts the project leader system, through the establishment of sub-topics, to determine the responsibilities of all parties involved in cooperation, so as to achieve clear powers and responsibilities, clear tasks." Li Jun said. Aiming at the project of multi-functional design and performance evaluation of protective clothing, Donghua University relies on the theoretical advantages of Donghua Fireman Laboratory to establish and improve the thermal protection performance evaluation system of dummy clothing burning in the fire field in the production, teaching and research team composed of Donghua University and Shenzhen Youputai Clothing Company. YOUPTAI Company will feed back to Donghua University the experience of many years of professional research and development and production of special protective clothing, and the latest research results will be the most important.
  • Joachim Schaefer, managing director of Messe Dusseldorf, said that the global protective clothing and work clothing market is about 17 million euros a year, with a European share of nearly 6 million euros and a German share of about 1.6 million euros. The company will hold the 33rd A + A Conference, the International Trade Fair on Occupational Safety and Health, and the conference, scheduled for November 5-8, 2013. Day, in Dusseldorf, Germany. According to the managing director, as one of the most important industrial platforms for protective clothing and work clothing, the A+A conference has won a good reputation in recent years. Due to the fashion display during the conference, the A+A conference has improved its status in enterprise fashion/image clothing (improving enterprise image clothing). Mr. Schaffer said there were many reasons for this growth trend. Customized suits became the company's signature image. It was easy to impress customers. Before seeing the company's products, corporate image was very important. He added that countries with high industrial production still had more demand for protective clothing, such as European countries, Asia and Germany, which were the main markets for protective clothing. The 33rd A+A Conference will focus on safety and health work. As part of the conference, a A+A fashion show will also be held. Textile companies will show their latest protective clothing and work clothing at the fashion show.
  • With the increasing investment in national defense security and social security, as well as the emphasis on labor protection and life safety, the industry has developed rapidly. In 2013, the fiber consumption of security textile industry was 289,000 tons, an increase of 9.5%. Since the 12th Five-Year Plan, high-performance protective textiles with nuclear radiation protection, bullet-proof and stab-proof, biochemical-proof textiles, flame-retardant and melt-proof protective fabrics and clothing, and various protective functions as one, have become the key development direction of the security industry. The development of economy and technology has brought unprecedented opportunities to the development of the industry. For example, the scale of production in the application field is large and the process is complicated, and the possibility of catastrophic accidents is increased. The impact and loss caused by these accidents are also increased, and the demand for safety protection products is increased. At present, the factors promoting the growth of human protective clothing market in China include military construction and human protective clothing in the case of terrorist attacks or natural disasters, but the main growth factor is concerned about life safety, especially in the industrial environment to avoid multiple hazards of protective clothing. With the breakthroughs in various new materials and technologies, the variety and application fields of functional protective textiles and clothing are also expanding. In addition to anti-static, flame-retardant, acid-base and high temperature resistance, new protective clothing such as anti-virus, anti-insect, anti-infrared and anti-cutting has been successfully developed. In the new era, the development trend of safety and protective textiles is more clear and detailed, including the development of fiber materials for protective textiles to high performance; improving the comfort of protective clothing by combining ergonomic design; integration of textiles and clothing into a multi-functional protection; widespread application of protective clothing; perfect standards and high fidelity performance testing; tag certification and the third. Promotion and improvement of the Party's supervision mechanism. While the industry is facing opportunities, challenges are everywhere. The first is the lack of standards and weak supervision. There are differences between current product standards and objective requirements. Testing methods are mostly focused on fabrics, and the whole process of clothing protection performance testing is still immature. In addition, due to the lack of evaluation guidelines for the selection of protective clothing in the industry, the relevant departments can not play their due regulatory role in practical application. Secondly, the downstream cognitive and industrial integration is insufficient. In many areas, insufficient attention has been paid to safety protection, coupled with the lack of mandatory protection standards, and insufficient investment by enterprises. The product development mechanism based on meeting the needs of users has not yet formed, and the innovation alliance of the whole industry chain is still in its infancy. Thirdly, special fibers and manufacturing technology constraints. At present, there is still a gap between China's high-performance protective clothing and developed countries. On the one hand, many of the research and development of high-end products by fiber enterprises are still in the stage of key research and promotion; on the other hand, the technology of manufacturing equipment needs to be improved. There is also the lack of brand strategy and quality assurance. Most enterprises do not have their own complete product series, brand positioning is not clear enough, and even lack of product training and after-sales service; product protection function is single, lack of comfort, low level of satisfaction for protection grade and applicable life, so it has a wide gap between multiple protection functions. Therefore, the technical innovation of safety and protection textiles should have goals, such as adaptability, service life, comfort, follow-up maintenance, clothing training, economy and so on. In this process, to gain competitive advantage, improve operational efficiency, improve the quality of terminal products, and expand the application areas of products are the driving forces of enterprise innovation. Of course, the development of the textile industry for safety protection must explore its own upgrading route. Enterprises should strengthen the research on the protection mechanism and structure design of security products, further optimize the processing technology, further enhance the comprehensive protection ability and comfort research of various functional fabrics, enhance the added value of end products and after-sales service, and promote the high-end and application of product structure. Widespread fields, vertical integration of industrial chains; promote the transformation of traditional industries to new material industries.
  • From September 15, 2020 09:00 until September 19, 2020 18:00 At Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC) 021-65265855/ 13918252557 Categories: Industrial Products, Security & Defense, Security & Fire Safety Tags: Flame Retardant Material, Flame Retardant Agent Shanghai international flame retardant materials technology exhibition This year, the continuous occurrence of major fire casualties, fire retardant products cause people's attention, the use of flame retardant materials, improve the city to resist the fire risk awareness, has been to the moment! In the world, the requirements for the flame retardant products are higher and higher. China Fire Law, the implementation of the international flame retardant standards, in particular the EU RoHS, WEEE and REACH directive and the burning performance requirements and components of public places and components, the introduction of. These laws and regulations, which have been formed in China to enforce the laws and regulations of the use of fire retardant products, are compulsory, and will certainly promote and develop the fire retardant industry. New flame retardant agent and a novel flame retardant materials in the areas of the national economy in use is in line with the Central Committee on "nip in the bud" instructions. In ensuring the people's lives, the premise of national resources security, is more than the fire prevention measures, the domestic and international market demand for flame retardant products is no doubt. In order to further promote the rapid development of the flame retardant industry, display the latest technology and products at home and abroad, the " Shanghai international flame retardant materials technology exhibition" will be held as scheduled at the Shanghai New International Expo center. Will show through a more professional service system, and constantly improve the scale and quality of the exhibition, the industry chain of seamless connection and high quality resource sharing, to show the brand strength, to explore the global market, to seek the value of business opportunities and cooperation to build a more international quality platform. Exhibition continue to jointly Asia most scale matching building materials exhibition series and other field related exhibition and conference together for industry colleagues to create a total exhibition area of 20 million square meters, 3500 global quality exhibitors and 80000 professional visitors gathered. Is building decoration materials, engineering plastics, rubber, flame retardant wire and cable, flame retardant fire retardant coating, flame retardant, insulation material, flame retardant textiles, special clothing and other industrial chain industry event! Product Category: Flame Retardants: halogen-free flame retardant, Phosphorus flame retardant , Brominated flame retardants, Nitrogen-based flame retardants , Chlorinated flame retardants , Inorganic flame retardants , Magnesium hydroxide , Aluminum hydroxide flame retardant , Green flame , Nm-retardant, Fire-retardant materials, Retardant powder equipment. Flame-retardant textiles : Retardant clothing, flame retardant fabric, flame retardant new textile materials, Retardant curtains , Flame-retardant fiber, Basaltic rock fiber, Aramid fibers, carbon fibers, flame-retardant decorative materials, flame-retardant non-woven fabrics, flame-retardant mattress, flame-retardant yarn, flame-retardant rug/blanket, and related Flame-retardant textiles. Flame-retardant materials: Flame-retardant engineering plastics, Retardant modified plastics, Retardant resin, Flame retardant masterbatch, Retardant composite materials, Retardant elastomer, Retardant thin film, Retardant foam, Retardant automotive interior materials, Fire retardant materials, Fire-resistant coating, Retardant specialty paper, Retardant MDF, Retardant wood, Retardant doors and windows, Flame-retardant polyurethane foam / foam.
  • The 6th International Symposium on Flame-Retardant Materials & Technologies (ISFRMT2020) will be held in Qingdao, China on June 21-23, 2020! The development of new flame-retardant materials and technologies is extremely important to people`s life, property safety and economic growth. With the issue of EU`s RoHS, WEEE, REACH instruction and Chinese mandatory national standard, flame-retardant materials and technologies are of interest in academia and industrial circles for years. China has been one of the countries with the largest consumption of flame-retardant products. The various demands for new flame-retardant materials and technologies have promoted an increasing number of Chinese scientists and engineers to engage in the relevant research, and the number of papers and patents generated from China has increased rapidly in recent years, rating No.1 in the world. In order to provide an opportunity to know more Chinese researchers` most recent research work and to make extensive international academic exchanges among different countries` researchers, the biennial International Symposium on Flame-Retardant Materials & Technologies (ISFRMT) has been held in China since 2010, which has become a prestigious and regular international forum for Chinese and overseas scientists and engineers in the field of flame-retardant polymeric materials to exchange their technologies and academic achievements. Previous symposia were held in Chengdu (2010 and 2012), Hefei (2014), Changchun (2016) and Hangzhou (2018) with great success, which attracted over 400 attendees each time. ISFRMT 2020 will attract at least 500 Chinese attendees who will expect their academic exchanges and technical cooperation with the attendees from all over the world. The 6th ISFRMT will be hosted by Chinese Academy of Engineering in Qingdao, China during June 21-23, 2020. The themes involved New Fire Retardants, Fire Behaviors & Fire-Retardant Mechanism, Fire-Retardant Fibers & Textiles, Fire-retardant Plastics, Elastomers & Rubbers, Fire-Retardant Coatings & Foams, Fire-Retardant Composites, Toxicity, Smoke & the Environment, Standardization, Regulation & Test Method.
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